Tips when Buying Cultured Pearls

In recent times, the popularity of cultured pearls has become a lot higher. Many people love to buy cultured pearls because they look amazing and also come to be fairly inexpensive.

Cultured Akoya Pearls

Benefits of Cultured Pearls:

Most people would prefer natural pearls as they tend to be more classy, sophisticated, and generally quite stunning and unique. On the other hand, cultured pearls are quite similar to the natural pearl but a lot cheaper. When thinking about purchasing pearls, selecting cultured varieties over the natural pearls has remarkable benefits. Let’s have a look:

  • Shape:

    Natural pearls form over several years and are often irregular in shape. The more spherical pearls are quite uncommon compared to the baroque shape. Baroque pearls are simply those that are not spherical. However with cultured pearls, you will get that perfect and defined shape that you are looking for.

  • Tahitian Cultured Pearls

  • Durability:

    Pearl jewellery has been around for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. When properly taken care of, pearls can last a life time.

  • Cost:

    A single mollusc can easily produce numerous amounts of pearls from a single harvesting procedure. Therefore, the cost of producing cultured pearls is quite low. This allows shoppers to pay a lot less for cultured ones than they would for non-cultured ones. You can buy them quite cheaply from online auction sites

What to Search for

Both saltwater pearls and freshwater cultured pearls differ in price and quality as well. When purchasing cultured pearls, always scrutinise the thickness of nacre layer – which provides the shine to the pearl. You may find the nacreous layer on an older cultured pearl may look thin and dull after several years of wear and tear. On the other hand, a thicker nacreous layer will make the pearls look a lot more shiny and clear. A smooth finish and symmetry are essential features you must look for when buying cultured pearls, specifically for the pearl jewellery like necklaces. An important point to mention would be that a knot should be present in between any two pearls. This is a safety measure that stops the pearls from being lost, in the unfortunate event that the piece is broken. Another important factor to look for, is real cultured pearls usually have a gritty, rough feel when scrubbing together. In this case, it would be advisable to rub the pearls lightly together to check their authenticity. Do be careful not to break them of course!

Pearl Quality Grading

Source: Jersey Pearls


Hopefully now you can buy cultured pearl jewellery with confidence! These pearls are quite popular these days as bridal accessories and also as a gifting option for the wedding ceremony as they are fairly cheap but provide a nice glow that adds to the magic of a wedding. I would definitely advise that if you are wanting to buy cultured pearls that you get them from a reputed store/seller to avoid any sort of confusion with glass or plastic beads.

Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

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Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

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