Helpful Tips when Buying Freshwater Pearls

Do you want to compliment your white gown or outfit with a unique piece of jewellery? Or maybe you want to give your mother something exclusive on her birthday? If so, then purchasing freshwater pearls are the ultimate thing for such an occasion. Do you ever think, how much are pearls worth? Well, pearls especially freshwater pearls are less costly in comparison to the seawater pearls. And it makes them a perfect option for the unprofessional jewellery makers and beading hobbyist.

Once up a time, this type of pearl was considered quite a suitable item for costume jewellery. But the advancements of pearl cultivation has made freshwater pearls a competitor of the seawater pearls in terms of beauty and size. However, in order to purchase freshwater pearls you still need to have a basic understanding. Thus, buyers can easily avoid buying an unwanted or inferior product.

Colourful Freshwater Pearls

Things to Consider when Buying Freshwater Pearls:

Like all precious gems and stones, the quality of these pearls can differ significantly. In order to get top-class freshwater pearls, you will need to consider a few things before making a purchase. So, here are some helpful points mentioned below:

  • Colouration:

    Freshwater pearls are generally white in colour. Bright white pearls have not been vanished. But, producers dye these pearls just to create a wide array of interesting colours. Painted freshwater pearls are now obtainable in light pink, silver, lavender, black, and other colours.

    One major factor that you need to know is that dyes are often used to conceal imperfections present on the pearls. So, if you find any colour that is concentrated on a specific area then simply avoid it. In that example, there is a chance that the dye was used to conceal some sort of flaw.

  • Coloured Freshwater Pearls

  • Weight:

    Pearls are generally priced based on their diameter. But, at times, freshwater pearls are being sold on the basis of weight instead. And this is why, it is quite good to learn the weight of freshwater pearls before making any purchase.

  • Size of the Pearl:

    Freshwater pearls can be found in different sizes, typically from 2mm to 18mm. The average freshwater pearl generally has a diameter of around 6-7 mm. So, before finalising your purchase, make sure you know about the size of the pearls.

  • Different Sized Freshwater Pearls

  • Lustre or Reflectivity:

    Top-class freshwater pearls should have lustre or reflectivity. If you come across those freshwater pearls that have a chalky appearance then beware. These types of pearls are of low quality material and may not be a pearl at all!

  • Authenticity:

    It is necessary to check the authenticity of the freshwater pearls. Ask the jeweller to show you the certificate of authenticity. This will help you to learn the quality of these pearls.


Freshwater pearls have gradually improved in quality over time. If you ever wonder how much these pearls are worth then let me tell you they are quite pocket-friendly. Anyone can easily afford buying freshwater pearls. I would suggest contacting a reputed pearls dealer to get the most top-quality pearls before making any kind of purchase. If you are interested in buying freshwater pearls, I have written an article on Freshwater pearls if you want to find out more information about them.

Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

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Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

For more information on Pearls and to get notified of our latest posts, subscribe to our mailing list.