Places to Sell your Pearl Jewellery

Before you sell your pearl jewellery, you need to understand the value of your pearl jewellery. Establishing the actual value of pearl jewellery is not an easy task because every pearl is quite unique. Understanding and realising the value of each pearl needs the eye of an expert. It is therefore advised that you seek an expert to take a look. If you want to sell your old pearl jewellery, then there are numerous ways and places available to you. As pearl jewellery is quite rare and often handmade, you can get a very good price for your pieces. If you are wondering how much your pearls are worth then read on! I wrote this post to provide you with the best places you can sell your pearl jewellery. Let’s get into it!

Selling your Pearl Jewellery

Places to Sell your Pearl Jewellery:

Ultimately, selling pearl jewellery requires some research. You will have to research things like variations in types of jewellery, pearl sizes, styles, pearl types, and the quality of pearls used. You can get a wide array of options to sell your jewellery at a good price. Let’s have a look at the options you have:

  • Sell your Pearl Jewellery Online:

    These days, there are various companies that exist, which give you an great offers for pearl jewellery online. But the market is a lot smaller than those who are looking to sell their gold items. You can sell your pearl jewellery through auction web sites like Amazon for example, which are quite popular these days. This can be a superb way to sell your pearl jewellery pieces. These sites get a lot of traffic and for the price you pay to list them there it’s very worthwhile. However, when you create your listing, make sure that you include all the relevant details of your piece. These could be things like the size, weight, place of purchase etc. And make sure to include a clear picture or two of your item. These things will provide the potential buyer with trust and confidence that the item is genuine. Shoppers will often look for bargains and try to buy pearl jewellery at a budget. So, try not to sell your item for too low just to make a sale. Look at other listings to get a good idea of how to price yours. Below are some examples to point you in the right direction;

  • Sell your Pearl Jewellery at Pawn shops:

    You could also sell your jewellery at pawn shops. They will offer you an amount of money based on the item’s valuation. Not only this, pawnbrokers can even give you a loan but keep your pearl jewellery as a guarantee. If you really want to get your pearl jewellery back, then you have to clear your loan along with interests. Most people that own pearls must think at some point, how much are pearls worth? So taking them to a pawn broker is a great way to find out. If your pearl jewellery is exclusive, unique, and classy then you can get a good amount of money.

  • Pearl Necklace for Sale

  • Sell your Pearls at an Auction:

    Selling your pearl jewellery at an Auction is another great option you can go for. Nowadays, there are various specialist auction houses available that will only sell genuine, high quality pieces. Furthermore, collectors often go to auctions to try and snap up rare pieces. Meaning the potential to earn more is higher than selling anywhere else. If you think that your pearl jewellery is genuine and exclusive enough, then you should definitely get in touch with them. However, before you agree to go down this route, make sure that you are completely aware of the potential commission and fees that may come by using this method.


To conclude, whilst selling online is potentially the cheapest method, there are several risks attached to it such as customers claiming they did not receive the delivery, the item getting lost in the post etc. Selling in an auction seems to be the best place as the potential to earn more is better. If the right buyer is in the auction room you could earn quite a lot more than it’s worth.

Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

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Ever sat and thought:
How Much Are Pearls Worth?

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